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Olympus Binoculars – High Performance Optics and Imaging

Founded in 1919, the Japanese Olympus Corporation initially created thermometers and microscopes and specialised in optics and imaging. It is now well-known by most for digital recorders and cameras but the magnification knowledge and experience built over the years has led to the development of excellent binoculars. There is a wide variety of Olympus binoculars available, with several series to each model.

Every series is named in a way to reflect the use typically considered by the designers of the models and have different characteristics. Roamer binoculars are small and light while Trooper binoculars are high performance for far sights. The Magellan series is designed for those exploring. Others include Outback, Tracker and Pathfinder. The two most popular models or series of Olympus binoculars are the Olympus DPS series and Olympus EXWP series. The Olympus DPS series is meant for leisurely exploration of nature while the Olympus EXWP is meant for professional extreme use.

The Olympus DPS series comprises of 10 X 50 DPS I, 7 X 35 DPS I, 8 – 16 X 40 Zoom DPS I and the 8 X 40 DPS I. The Olympus binoculars DPS series are standard binoculars with varying degrees of magnification. They are durable, have high-quality finish with sure-grip rubber coating, provide UV protection to protect eyes against the sun’s harmful rays, have wide-angle field of view for fast-moving subjects, a-spherical optics that guarantee a plasticity and distortion-free view, maximum image brightness, large, centre-focus knob for fast and easy focusing and built-in dioptric correction adjusts to individual eyesight.

The models of Olympus binoculars in the DPS series vary in weight and dimensions. Some of the models are more durably and can withstand any tough nature conditions. Some models of Olympus binoculars in the DPS series offer stunningly close viewing with the zoom function. In its entirety, the DPS series models of Olympus binoculars are relatively lightweight, classy and very easy to use.

The WP series of Olympus binoculars are primarily for those who like to view extreme sports and wish to capture the adrenaline pumping action in real time without losing any instant of all the action. The two models in the WP series of Olympus binoculars are the 8 X 21 WP and 10 X 25 WP. The two WP models of Olympus binoculars are ideal for any extreme sports, whether it is water sport or aerial sport, high speed drama or the finale at the grand prix. These Olympus binoculars are waterproof and boast of a sealed construction filled with nitrogen gas which averts any condensation or fogging. In other words, the WP models of Olympus binoculars are ideal for any sport enthusiast or professional.

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