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Sports Viewing and Spectator Binoculars

When it comes to sporting, horse racing and events, such as concerts, spectator binoculars are the perfect option. They are designed to get up close and see the detail of the action. Most of the time, they are designed for daytime use or inside where there is ample light, so the light-gathering capabilities are not considered to be a high priority, compared to hunting or birding binoculars. This allows you to benefit from lightweight and smaller options.

Generally, magnifications of between 6x and 8x are enough and having a lens size of between 20mm and 36mm is perfect. The binoculars will have a wide enough viewing angle and will be light enough to carry around when watching action at the other side of the court or field. There are higher magnification options but you will lose the amount of view that you have across the field. A wide view will allow you to easily follow fast moving subjects such as horses, cars or players. It is worth thinking about the type of sport or event you are seeing to determine whether a narrower view is worthwhile.

When you buy spectator binoculars, you want to find ones that are simple enough to carry around and use, are lightweight and offer comfort while using them, often standing up, over a long period of time. It is possible to buy 42mm or 50mm lens models, the problem is that they can weigh over 1kg, which could be too much if you are standing up for long periods of time while using them. It depends on whether you are willing to sacrifice the weight for the better images.

NOT SURE WHICH ONES? Click HERE to try our Horse Racing / Sports Viewing Binoculars Buyer Guide.

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