1. What would be the best binocular for use indoors in a theater( performing arts) or stadium (sports)?

    1. Hi Sandy, we have a guide on choosing horse racing binoculars. Although these races are outdoors, the same binoculars are also recommended and will work well for theatre and stadium sports. Here’s are the top picks: https://procular.co.uk/best-binoculars-for-watching-a-horse-race/#binoculars

      Adam Murray, Procular
  2. Which are the best value binoculars beween the Avalon 10×42 Pro HP and the Bushnell10x42 Powervew? Many Thanks.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Avalon 10×42 PRO HD binoculars are a newer model and provide a better image quality, lighter weight and better design than the Bushnell 10×42 binoculars. They are also waterproof and fog-proof while the Bushnell aren’t. Without a doubt better value binoculars in our opinion.

      Adam Murray, Procular
  3. Sirs

    I would like to buy my husband new binoculars. He enjoys plane spotting, and astronomy (weather permitting) from the garden.

    He currently uses visionary neoma 15×70 196ft at 1000 6m at 1000m. which he finds quite heavy.

    Ideally a lighter pair with sharper focus. I see from your site you have loads to offer but I just can’t make out what is better and therefore your advice would be appreciated.

    His birthday is Thursday so I am looking for a delivery before then.

    Your early response would be appreciated


    1. Hi Dolores,

      Thank you for your comment. Your husband’s current binoculars are heavy (about 4.5 pounds) because of their large 70mm objective lenses. They are designed for viewing at night (astronomy) so need the large lenses to take in more light. Unfortunately this does result in very bulky and heavy binoculars. Regarding a new pair, as he will likely also use them to watch the moon and stars, and to watch planes, we wouldn’t suggest anything TOO compact. To be on the safe side, we would recommend a pair of 16×50 binoculars. These will have enough power for him to spot planes with and large enough lenses for stargazing. In specific, the best 16×50 model we can suggest would be the Nikon Aculon 16×50 binoculars, as they also have an excellent image quality. These are not light (about 2 pounds) but still 1/2 the weight of his current pair! You can read more about the Nikon Aculon 16×50 binoculars here: https://procular.co.uk/nikon-aculon-16×50-cf-binoculars/

      Adam Murray, Procular
  4. Hi Rohan,

    You can use either binoculars or a spotting scope. If you are watching the whales from on-board a ship then you will need marine binoculars. They have lower magnifications. Here’s a guide on how to choose marine binoculars and which are the best ones:


    If you are watching the whales from shore (or your house etc.) then you can use either high-powered binoculars or a spotting scope. High powered binoculars have the advantage of being more portable so they can be used for other uses too. They can also be used without a tripod. Our most recommended high-powered binoculars are listed here:


    A spotting scope is more expensive but this would actually be the best tool for watching whales from shore. It has significantly more power (zoom) then any binocular so would show the whales in much more detail. Especially if the whales are very far away from shore. The most powerful spotting scope we would recommend at a reasonable price would be the Avalon 80mm Venture HD. It magnifies at 20x to 60x times (!!) and comes with a table-top tripod. Details below:


    So quite a few good options there.. We hope this helps.

    Adam Murray, Procular
  5. Range finders need some prices

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